Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Colorblindness Corrective Glasses

EnChroma is a company that studies the feasibility of enhancing color vision n humans, particularly humans with color blindness.  They have manufactured sunglasses with lenses correct color vision deficiency.  They have developed an optical coating technology that enables the lens to perform highly specific filtering of light that reaches the eye.  The EnChroma lens selectively filters the light to give superior color enhancing effects.  This technology is still patent pending and uses a proprietary computer based optimization method.  the mathematical model of vision is modified to account for the spectral changes associated with the specific type of deficiency. For example, in deuteranomaly, the M-cone sensitivity is shifted toward longer wavelengths. For protanomaly, the L-cone sensitivity is shifted toward shorter wavelengths. Then, the filter design that optimally enhances color vision for the individual can be analyzed and manufactured. 


They have glasses specifically designed for use by individuals with deuteranomaly, assisting wearers with differentiating commonly confused colors such as shades of red, green, yellow, brown and pink.  They also have glasses that s specially designed for use by individuals with protanomaly, assisting wearers with differentiating commonly confused colors such as shades of green, red, brown and purple.

This technology is very interesting and relatable to our study of perception.  I know far/near sightedness can be fixed via surgery but do not know if there is any way to fix colorblindness.  With these glasses people with colorblindness can have their vision corrected without having to undergo surgery, although the colorblindness is only treated while wearing these glasses.  The glasses retail for near $600 so I am not sure how many people will purchase them.  Colorblindness is not very detrimental and people suffering from it have managed to survive without them.  These glasses are very interesting but I do not think they are the most practical. 

Video from ABC News

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