Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post #2: Lucid Dreaming

     I decided to do my second blog post on something known as “Lucid Dreaming.” If you have never heard the term, Lucid Dreaming is simply when you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming. Realizing that you are dreaming is not what makes it so interesting but all the possibilities that come as a result of this realization. While Lucid Dreaming you can perceive the world in ways that seem almost impossible. Anything you want to perceive can seem real, from eating delicious food, to the wind flowing through your hair or even the heat of the sun on your skin. During a Lucid Dream your conscious brain is actually performing at a higher state of awareness then when you are awake, and because of this you are able to feel these perceptions and even get answers questions that only your subconscious can answer. I have had quite a few lucid dreams in my life and I must say they are something which is hard to explain and must be experienced because they are absolutely amazing. If you are interested in how to lucid dream check out this link below and for a quick video that helps to explain Lucid Dreaming better than I can, watch this 2 minute YouTube video posted below.

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