Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I found research paper on the perception of beauty by  Gillian Rhodes called Facial Symmetry and the Perception of Beauty. One of the biggest factors when it comes to perception of beauty is the culture.  Some places want the women to be heavier and others want their women to be stick thin.  Due to the cultures that these people grew up from centuriese ago this is the way people agreed beauty should be. This is mostly based on cultural convention.  This might be based due to culture, but scientist have studied that it is a mate quaility that a person is attracted to.  Some references stated that our biological rather than sociological is due to our preception on beauty.  For this experiment they had different facial symmetries of the same face and came to find out that the most attractive was the symmetric face. The conclusion came to be that it is a very controversial issue on what perception of beauty is and where it comes from.  There is a mix of biological and culture on what is found of attractive.

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