Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Face Recognition #2 Post

For my second post I wanted to make an attempt at doing the face recognition test. I heard countless presentations on it and wanted to see how well I would score on the test. The test revolved around many famous actors/actress, singers, and famous people from history. In my opinion this made the test a little bias for people who enjoy history or watch a lot of television and enjoy certain actors or actresses. I score an 88% on the test, according to the website the average score is 85%, so I suppose I am slightly better at recognizing certain faces over others. The website also lets the tester know that if they scored roughly around 50% they could have some serious face recognition issues. I remember a presentations on face recognition, where the faces were turned upside down, It was pretty amazing how hard it was to recognize the faces. I felt like I actually felt like I had prosopagnosia, I could not imagine living a life like that, I am sure it would be very frustrating and difficult. 

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