Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post #1, Face Blind Test

After taking the "Face Blind" test on faceblind.org, I can officially say that I do not suffer from prosopagnosia. Most people that took this test were able to recognize about 85% of the faces they had seen. I managed to correctly guess 22 out of the 30 faces which gave me 79%. There were about 6 other faces that I could recognize but just could not remember their names. I believe that was due to not being exposed to these people as much as others. It is difficult for me understand how someone could not be able to recognize a face. When I see someone I do not have to put their facial features into categories like the man in the video did that we watched in class. He can narrow down certain celebrities faces by categorizing them by nose shape or mouth shape. I supposed he has had to learn to cope with his disability any way he could.

In this video, a woman suffered an injury to her social brain which caused her to develop prosopagnosia. As a result she had to leave her job as a fire fighter. She is now unable to recognize any faces at all, not even her own or her mother's.

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