Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I chose to write on the subject of Amblyopia; the reason being is because I have it. It is commonly known as “lazy eye”. Amblyopia is a visional disorder, which usually only effects one eye.  Amblyopia means that the visual stimulation fails to transmit or are poorly transmitted to the brain.  Recently in class we have been learning about stimuli, transmission, and processing.
There are three types of amblyopia. First being strabismic amblyopia, eyes are usually misaligned which cause double vision, your brain then “shuts off” one of your eyes to get rid of the double image.  Second being refractive amblyopia, one eye is stronger becomes the dominate eye, while the “lazy” eye has blurred vision. Lastly form-deprivation results from having congential cataracts or corneal scarring during birth. They disrupt development of the eye, if not treated right away amblyopia may occur.
Amblyopia is treatable through patching the “good” eye and forcing the “lazy” eye to be used for vision. This is extremely helpful if it is detected at an early age, as the individual gets older it becomes harder and harder to treat. I was treated at the roughly at the age of ten, unfortunately it didn’t help my case.

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