Thursday, September 20, 2012


This is my first blog and I missed the whole second week of class for business meetings so I'm playing catch up. I read a few of the blog entries and went on the website to see what everyone was talking about. I took the famous faces recognition test and scored a 24/28 known faces which was 86%. They said the average was 85% and that anyone who didn't recognize half the faces had face recognition blindness. I couldn't imagine not being able to recognize friends and family members. I never really knew much of this before I started reading the textbook and read some of the blogs on here. It definitely is one scary disease. Looking at the bright side, it isn't as bad as Alzheimer's, all your memory isn't lost and you could still enjoy life. I consider myself pretty forgetful so I'm actually surprised I did rather well on this test. I'm not that great at names but I can usually always remember a face.  I will now add this to the list of what I am grateful for. I'm going to do more of these tests at, wish me luck!

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