Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Face Recognition Test and Blindness:

                   Prosopagnosis also known as faceblindness is where there is a impairment or distortion in a person recgonizing peoples faces. Either when they are doing facial expression or just having a problem recgonizing a person face all together. They even have issues when it comes to telling family members, friends, and even themselves at times. It is very hard to diagnose faceblindness since everyone has a type of memory or can't remember someone sometimes. With prosopagnosis its comes at a much more severe cases where a person can't recognize their children or spouses or even very close family members like there mothers and father as they get older. The causes of faceblindness are a majority from some kind of brain damage. Things suchs as head trauma or strokes tend to be the causes of this disease. Other ways are when they start having problems with faceblindness before they can even fully develop normal face recgonizitions which is around teenage years. This comes to be known as genetic prosopagnosis where they develop it because of some kind of genetic disorder. With this being known members in their family probably have faceblindness also it might not be in the direct line but can skip generations.

                       As kind of finding this fascinating I completed one of the faceblindness test online and I scored with a 79% correct out of the famous people i knew. I correctly named 22 people out of the 30 people but i was familiar with 28 of them but couldn't remember there names at the times. The other ones i did know at all. This just goes to show that not everyone can remember everyones face and their name. But someone with faceblindness has ten times more difficulty trying to figure out one face to another.


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