Saturday, September 22, 2012

Face blindness/ super recognition

 For my first posting I chose to do it on face blindness its opposite, super recognition. Below are two videos explaining some of what both components are, but yet even with many years of studies experts are still left uncertain on some aspects. Face blindness is a disorder to where people who have it can not necessarily distinguish other people by face. They use other attributions like voices, personal styles, smell, even the way they walk, to help point out who that person might be. A great example as to how difficult it is for people with face blindness was when in the video they gave normal people faces to depict and then once they went through ones they knew, the experimenter flipped them upside down. Making it nearly impossible to verify if it were the same person again. It was very interesting to actually realize that something as simple as looking at someone upside down could change every feature of their face. Another aspect shown in these videos was that of people who have the complete opposite problem. They can not forget any faces. People with super recognition only need to see a face once and they will forever remember that person. It could be a person who is elderly and they see of photo of them from back when they were a teen and still easily name them. Experts say that it is a part of the brain in the back left side of the frontal lobe that controls these visuals. The two videos both part one and two were very interesting and would recommend to anyone wanting to know a little more about the subject matter.

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