Thursday, June 7, 2012

i can still see you

Have you ever did the old, “I’m going to look at someone through my fingers and pretend to squeeze them”?  I know personally that is something that entertained me (and still does) for many hours of my childhood.  But I always wondered why it seemed like the person never got any bigger or smaller and how they always seemed to look the same size when I squinted my eyes.  So when reading the chapter in the book about depth perception, my questions seemed to be answered.  I never realized it was pretty much just because of the scale of the size of the object, or the size- distance scaling equation. It has everything to do with proportions of the object and how you really see it.
this picture is proof that I still do this to this day. =)

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  1. I also thought this chapter was interesting! I've seen pictures of people appearing to hold object that are way too big to really hold, it is all about perspective and how you look at it. From a different angle, the depth perception in the picture might be completely different!