Thursday, June 7, 2012

final post

in perception, I learned about so much more then I thought I ever would.  I honestly did not realize how much there was to it.  I thought the class was going to be about the emotional aspect of how we perceive everyday things and that would be it.  But boy was I wrong.  I learned so much about the physical aspects and how we actually see things, like what is involved in that.  I learned about action and how your eye can catch that or see it in different ways.  I learned how your eyes and ears work together and also your brain in order to connect it all together so one can understand what is going on around them.

My favorite part of the class is going off of one of my posts.  As I had stated before, I started college as an art student.  When I started reading the book and saw that we were going to be learning about colors how the technical aspects of that I was thrilled.  But then to further read on and see the different types of color tests, I was beyond thrilled.  Those are my favorite thing as well as optical illusions to do in class. (my favorite being when you stare at a color for a while and then stare at a white piece of paper and you see a different color).

This class relates to everyday life, because if it wasn’t for perception, none of us would be able to see the computer to type our posts, or read other posts, or drive, or cook, or read books, or draw.  Perception and sensation are key aspects to our lives, and without them, our lives would be completely different.
below are a few of my other favorites that dont involve color but still involve thinking and looking closly


  1. I found the optical illusions to be a really interesting part of the book. I've been seeing that picture of the younger/older woman for years now and it still amazes me every time.

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