Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Post

Maria Capelli
Final Post
  I never imagined the idea of perception to get so detailed. I expected this course to be about why and how people perceive and interpret things differently. What I got was a little bit of that and a whole lot of biology and physiology. It was a lot to read and learn in such a short time span, but I’m glad I did it. I know more about eyeball anatomy than I ever really needed to know, but it helps me to understand every aspect of sight. I now understand how sensations occur and how they are processed through our brain. I’m aware of all the malfunctions and medical conditions that can occur with perception. I am amazed that for the most part everyone perceives everything similarly considering the intensive operations our body and nervous system go through in order to let us perceive our world. I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for my senses and I am thankful that I can see, hear, taste, smell, feel, and sense many other things that some others are sadly not able to do.
My favorite part of this course was learning about sight and the interactions of our eyes with our brain to create and perceive images.(Chapters 3-10) I think it was my favorite because I know quite a few people with sight issues and this section helped me to better understand why their sight is the way it is. So many functions and parts contribute to sight and it’s an unbelievable feat to imagine once you understand how it works. I’m so thankful for my eyesight. Of course, my sight could be improved and I think the book gave me some pretty good ideas on how to not only improve my sight, but also protect it. An example would be try not to get hit in the back of the head because that is where the occipital lobe is located and if that becomes damaged your sight could be impaired or even completely lost.

My homemade videos are about visual perception and how it can be impact by colored glasses. The first video shows different shades of driving/sport glasses. They are meant to enhance vision by reducing glare and intensifying contrast. The second video shows color therapy glasses. Each color is suppose to set a mood and affect a physiological part of your body. I did a science project in elementary school and found that wearing the green glasses for 30 minutes actually reduced blood pressure!

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