Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final Post

This course was useful in helping me understand many things and was very helpful in explaining many things about perception. It is interesting to read about the colors and illusions, involved in the perception course. I also found it very interesting to learn about the eyes like we did (rods, cones fovea etc.) and how they have a blind spot. I also liked learning about the many ways our mind can be tricked by optical illusions and how the type of processing we engage in can affect the outcome of what we perceive. Optical illusions were especially interesting to me because the amount of times they can occur in everyday life. I also thought it was interesting that I never really thought about how previous knowledge of something affects our perception of that thing.
                This course was very helpful with teach the fundamentals on perception: stimulus, electricity, knowledge and experience and action, and how they all relate to everyday life. It is interesting to be able to say that I now perceive things in my life differently thanks to my class about perception. I think that is what makes this class so important especially when trying to talk to people and help them. Perception is reality for people and everyone’s perception can differ in many ways from biological factors, to environmental factors. The video I selected illustrates an optical illusion.

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