Thursday, September 29, 2011

What was interesting to me

Chapter 3, the Introduction to Vision grabbed my attention the most. It is amazing how the eyes work. The cornea and lens do the job of focusing on thinks of the retina. The cornea accounts for eighty percent of focusing, which the shape does not change. The lens adjusts shape for the distance of the object which accounts for twenty percent. I thought this was very interesting because I did not know about it.

Another think I thought was interesting is the measuring dark adaptation which is where the eyes get adjusted to dark after a period of time. I did not know it takes about a half hour to see the best in a dark environment and develop better distance. The cones are not helping so it is hard to see color. I always knew we could not see color, but just never learned the idea on why not. The rod-come break, the rods take over and the cones drop off.

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