Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Perception Lessons Learned at Disney?!

As I was learning about perception,  I was actually thinking of where I have seen topics such as these and I realized I have actually seen them at Walt Disney World!   I am a huge Disney fan.  I have been there over 23 times and I can remember everything clearly.   There is actually a ride in Disney called "Journey into Imagination".  It can be found in Epcot, to the right of the Epcot ball.   The ride follows "Figment" (a dragon like character that is suppose to be your imagination) through a journey of different perception labs: sound, sight and smell.  During the sound lab,  you cannot see anything, it is completely black. As you're in the dark, you hear the nose of a train barreling past you.  With the sound and your imagination, you feel like a train is right there!    While in the sight lab,  you can see such illusions as this:

And this:

These illusions are actually in the ride!!

Before you are about to enter the touch and taste labs though,  Figment takes you to his own lab where everything is upside down!  You actually perceive that his house is upside down!

It is crazy to think that you could actually learn about perception at Disney!

Here is a link to a video of the ride so you can see for yourself!

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