Thursday, September 29, 2011

BCI: Brain Computer Interface

In learning about how the fMRI is used as a way so identify the thought a person is having at any given time, I looked into other technology used with the brain as an interface. Currently, there is technology that can perform a brain-computer interface or direct neural interface. It's been around the 1990's, research beginning in the 1970's. One of the major and groundbreaking applications this technology has is it's use as neuroprosthetic technology. Even with prosthetics, many lose almost all motor skills in their limbs anyway and quality of life stays at only a fraction of what it once was. With neuroprosthetic technology, functional gripping motion and even partially functional fingers can be added to prosthetics. Using simple mental commands, the user can perform a wider range of everyday tasks with much less effort. Another use it's presented is with using a computer hands free and toys hands free. There are games like Mindflex, which uses EEGs to steer a ball through an obstacle course. I just think there are so many possibilities with this kind of technology and no end in sight.


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