Thursday, July 14, 2011

Final Project Post

I've always found the way we perceive our environment, others, and objects an interesting topic. This class has taught me a whole lot more about perception I had no idea about. The book for this class has discussed a wide range of topics related to perception that many including myself did not know were involved in the process. From the brain, to the eyes, to the ears, and the mouth all of these parts of the body have a huge impact on the process of perception. The book first began discussing a clear overview of the process of perception. After that the book discussed variest topics such as vision, neurons, the importance of the cortex, perceiving objects, and perceiving color. In the later chapters it continued on with the perception of depth and size, speech and sound, and even our body's chemical senses. The range of topics covered in this class really drawed my interest into the idea of perception.

I had believed perception to be limited to strictly to the visual aspects like perceiving objects and people but really perception goes far beyond just vision. I did not find just one topic in this course interesting but overall the idea that perception is involved in many aspects of our daily lives to be interesting. When reading chapter two about the physiological part of perception I found the information confusing at first but as I began to understand the intricate steps of the brains neurons firing and such it wowed me. All of the these steps must occur for our body to perceive any type of information, it's almost unbelievable. You don't realize as you're walking through a hallway on campus or sitting at a dinner table with your family you are not only perceiving objects with your eyes but with your ears, your mouth, and your body as well. Say you are sititng at a dinner table and you are perceiving the food being brought to the table, there is the vegetables and the rice, over there grilled chicken thats one of perception that is going on, but that's not all. You are also perceiving with your ears the tone of voices amongest your family, your mother is discussing how she made the rice, your father hollering at your dog to go lay down. Then as you begin to eat your taste buds are perceiving the flavor of the food and if you enjoy this flavor or not. Lastly as you are holding the fork in your hand, your hand feels the texture of the design and the hardness of the metal.

This professor, was what really caught my attention. It wasn't one little aspect of the course but the overall information given to me throughout reading. As I am typing this i'm perceiving the letters showing on the screen, hearing the keys click, and feeling each key as a press it. I really enjoyed this class, I am disappointed I wasn't able to take this course in a classroom because I feel it would have an even greater effect on me. However doing these posts have really allowed me to look further into what I am reading instead of just reading to get it over with. Thank you for a not so difficult summer course that I didn't mind taking up my sun time for. :]

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  1. I agree with what you said at the end of your post and I'm the same exact way about preferring to take courses in the classroom rather than online. I too can now say that I am happy I chose to take this course and your right, it was definitely worth taking up some time out of the sun :) !!!