Wednesday, July 13, 2011

final project post

I have learned that there is a lot more involved in perception then I thought that there was. I learned that everything from seeing to hearing to feeling is involved in perception. I also learned that we see what we want to see. I never knew that different parts of the brain affected how we perceive things and have to do with our different senses. I also didn't know that our eyes see more then what we really see. I have to say that I learned a lot in this class and that it was more scientifical then I thought it would be because of all the stuff that had to do with the different parts of the body and all the experiments that have been done to explain why we perceive things differently.

My favorite part of the class was probably the chapters about the eyes and how we see things because it was very interesting. It was interesting because it basically said that we see what we want to see. It also says that we will focus on things that seem interesting to else and if they aren't interesting then we will block them out. This relates to life outside of class because it is an important part of why we do things. Also, it explains why we seem to not to focus on things that aren't interesting.

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  1. I thought this was interesting too. I liked the video where there was a basketball game and the gorilla walked through, I probably wouldn't have paid it any mind if the video didn't prompt me to. It is pretty interesting though, to think about how many things like that you may have missed in a day.