Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Post-Taste

I expected this course to be boring and bland; but it was actually very interesting. I love playing with hidden object games and how our perception affects our ability to find the objects. In chapter 2, search was done on how the more neurons in the brain will fire more when we see famous faces or places compared to those of non-famous people. The same would be while playing the hidden objects game, I am able to recognized the objects that mean more to mean than those that don't.
As a mother and a assistant teacher I relate many things and subjects with kids and how they perceive the world. You can tell a child a new food that resembles chicken that it is chicken so the child will taste chicken when trying the food. The next time the child sees that food they will say it's chicken and that it taste like chicken. Now the child's taste and stored information has been change and programed with the new food will always taste like chicken. As child my mother would make me hold my nose to be able to drink my medicine and I never understood how this could affect the normal reaction to become sick and not been able to drink it; but this book help in understanding as a infant my son had different reaction(facial expressions) mostly to flavor and his favorites were always sour or salty foods.I never made any type of expression while he was tasting a new flavor to prevent him from liking it. I believe that adults can influence greatly. Many argued that a child is to young to have a preference but according to the study done by J.E. Steiner(1974,1979) and nonirritating stimuli to show that infants do respond to different flavors with face expressions such as smiles and even odor. Now I can prove my craziness to others. When we usually think about Perception words such as taste, odor or even debilitating conditions don't seem to relate but there's a lot more that can change our perception of the world, is not only affect by events in our lives. We should try to let infants try anything once and create their own taste.
In this picture he is 1 years old and is tasting a lime

and now at the age of 3 he eats to eat sushi

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