Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Post - Color Perception

This course has provided a deeper understanding of the processes involved in many of the functions which we take for granted; i.e., speech, our perception of color, how we perceive depth, objects and scenes, motion and action. Seldom do we stop to consider that there is a network of activity taking place as we take in the environment around us and act on it. Obviously, perception affects our everday experiences. I think, in fact, one of the major themes is simply "unconscious processes". The book attempted to drive home the point that there is a lot going on "behind the scenes" when we view and interpret stimuli in the environment.

My favorite part of the course was the section on the perception of color. Color serves many functions in our lives and the lack or absence of it can be severely detrimental. Color helps us to categorize objects, identify objects and even serves as an indicator when certain items are unsafe or hazardous to our health (i.e., red can be an indicator that something is extremely hot and, as such, unsafe to touch). Color also serves practical purposes such as providing us with information as to when to proceed, stop or slow down in traffic. Color is perhaps one of the most significant processes which enhance our lives, but that we benefit from without conscious thought.

I oftentimes think I am slightly color blind because it is sometimes difficult for me to determine the color of something or to determine if two colors go together (for instance, for an outfit I would like to wear). Oftentimes, I will say something is one color, but someone else will look at the very same item and say it's a different color; at times, people have seriously doubted my ability to perceive color because the correct color to them was obviously, but I disagreed with their perception. Thankfully, for the most part, I can distinguish between basic colors and am able to enjoy the various colors around me and in the environment.

Overall, this course has helped me to appreciate various unconscious processes. I am now much more attentive to my environment and how it is affected by my perception of it.


  1. I have also argued with friends over the colors of certain things, my brother and I still have an ongoing argument that the curtains in my room are in my opinion deep purple in his opinion black. It makes you question who is perceiving what wrong and why