Monday, December 6, 2010

Slight of Hand

Many magicians trick and fool their audiences with prestidigitation. They give the illusion that they can alter reality when in fact, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, trick ropes, and other equipment and techniques are employed to fool our senses. My personal favorite is sleight of hand. It requires the least amount of equipment and gives the illusion of psychic powers or the ability to summon objects out of nowhere.
As you all know, it is impossible to focus on multiple visual stimuli at once. The point of sleight of hand is to misdirect the audience away from the motion that actually causes an object to appear or disappear. The actual sleight is not enough of a stimulus to draw your attention away from the distraction and onto the sleight.

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  1. Very interesting post. I immediately thought of David Copperfield when it came to doing magic, since he is one of my favorites. There are, however, shows that tell you the secrets behind magic and I think it takes the fun out of magic.