Tuesday, December 14, 2010


In class we watched a video about the Prosopagnosia theory. This refers to face blindness. The person with this disorder cannot perfectly recognize faces that were once familiar to them. When it comes to objects, their ability to recognize them may be all and well. It has been said that this disorder may not only have to do with brain damage but perhaps some inheritance plays a part now. Few thereapies are said to affectively help these individuals. Some people look at this disorder as a joke of some sort. I personally do not know anyone with this disorder but it would be interesting in the sense to meet them and have them tell me their real take on this and how this affects their daily life and relationships. The term Prosopagnosia was not noted until the year 1947. For many years before it had been reported that people were unable to recognize faces but the cause was unknown. Still today things seem a bitch sketchy.
I would feel lost without my recognition of faces. I interact with people every day and would feel like I am offending them after they tell me they already know me. I would almost feel like I was in a bad dream.

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