Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tubes for hearing

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Tubes for hearing is to benefit the person to hear better. They are sometimes necessary because it helps with the fluid stuck in the middle ear to drain out. The tube is inserted then it will fall out naturally while the eardrum is healing or the doctor can remove it. The purpose of the surgery is to help with hearing to become better in the patient.

Children are the primary patients that receive this surgery. The tubes seem to make the hearing so much better. They seem to talk better, hear better, along with being less irritable.

I think the ties into the class because it shows another way that people sometimes have trouble hearing and a way that medical science can fix the problem in children and adults. Though this surgery is mostly used on children.
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The clip talks about the fluid being stuck in the middle ear and then shows where the tube would be inserted to make hearing better within a months. (click on title)

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