Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How the Brain Works

In reading Chapter 2 and learning about the brain I wanted to learn more about how the brain works. First of all I chose this topic because two of my family members suffer and suffered from brain cancer. I learned from the text that the cancer arise from the primary brain cells, for example blood vessels and the membranes.  To understand more about the brain, I wanted to explore more and find out how the functions.  The brain controls our body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. Learning about the brain I learned that the brain lets you dream, think, and reason. It handles motions which are needed on a daily basis for walking, standing, or sitting. Our brain also holds memory and data that we can later restore. The brain is very important because it plays important functions. Planning and organizing are governed by the frontal lobes. I picked this article again mainly cause I lost loved ones due to brain cancer and learning a little how the brain works and functions makes me feel closer to them.