Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is a dog perception of the world better than humans?

Growing up I always thought that humans have much better vision than dog. I always found it interesting how a dog perceives the world. Being a dog owner myself I always thought that the dog mainly relies on smell to identify the environment around them however this is not all true. Unlike humans dog perceive the world in shades of gray, allowing the dogs to the see the world in a much dimmer light then humans. However dogs can see flickering lights better than humans, the only downfall of this is when a dog is watching television they see the screen as moving frames rather than a continuous scene. Dogs can also detect motion better than humans, however they can not perceive shapes of objects better than humans if they are looking at it from the same distance. Dogs have 20/75 vision which meas they can see at 20 feet what a normal human can see at 75 feet. Vision differs amongst dogs. A dog lower to the ground perceives the world differently from dogs farther away from the ground. Many people believe that dogs are completely colorblind, this is not exactly true. Dogs can perceive the world in yellow and blue shades of colors but have difficulty perceiving the colors red and green, because they have less color cone rods in the retina then normal huamans. Dogs have a very particular way of how they perceive the world however this does not necessarily mean that their vision is inferior to ours, their vision may suite them better for their everyday needs.





  1. Ever see how when Hollywood makes movies with dogs when you see the view from there eyes its almost like narrow?

    Example: In the Look Who's Talking Now movie with John Travolta and Kristy Ally when they inherrit two dogs and the dog Rocks sees and makes eye contact with the femal dog Daphine and says "Shwingggg" the camera switches to the dogs view and it looks like one of those mirrors that make a human look like a narrow person! Is that how dogs really see? or is that assumed?

  2. This was really interesting post. I never knew how dogs percieved the environmetn around them. I also thought like you that dogs mostly relied on their sense of smell. I also thought that dogs were color blind and didnt know that they could percieve certaion colors better then others.