Friday, June 11, 2010

Final Post

What I learned:

I really enjoyed learning about perception and the. In this class we took a look and we learned and understand how our brain and eyes work together in order to perceive everything around us in the world. It truly is amazing how our senses work in order to see, hear, touch and taste things. We took a look the Effects of attention on perception and how attention helps us experience a coherent world. I really liked how the online site was setup through your own blog it made the learning experience different to be able to upload videos and pictures with our discussions and I found it easier to use than blackboard.

Favorite Chapter:
My favorite part was on perceiving depth and size I have always been interested in how our eyes perceive the depth and sizes of what we actually see. In this chapter it talked about the monocular cues and how it only works with one eye. It goes on to discuss the pictorial cues the occlusion the relative height the relative size. It is amazing how our eyes see things and how it takes so much to actually perceive an image but our brain works so fast with the eyes that we don’t notice that our eyes and brain are doing a lot of work in order to see the world the way we do see it. Like right now as I am typing this my eyes are working with the brain and the retinas in order to perceive the image of the computer screen the words appearing as well as everything I see around me too, table, chairs, papers, kitchen sink, television. One of my favorite parts in this chapter was the Ames room, which causes two people of the same size to appear very different in size. The reason for this is the shape of the wall and the windows at the rear of the room which makes it look like a normal rectangular room when viewed from a particular observation point; however the Ames room is actually shaped so that the left corner of the room is almost twice as far away from the observer as the right corner.

Outside the class:

After taking this class I now understand how our eyes perceive things, when I am walking or driving and I am looking at the world all I do is think about how the eyes are working so fast to make these images of the world come into my perception and show me what it is I need to see at that very moment while I am driving, it just amazes me how the body works and how the eyes generate the images so fast that we don’t even notice it. I look at the world in a new way now, wondering if the images I see are the way everyone else sees them, or if the color I see the same color my friends see or is it the angle I am standing at and the way the light is hitting the object and reflecting off something near by that gives my eyes that particular color. Knowing how the eyes work really makes you stop and enjoy the beauty of the world around me more so then ever now.

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