Monday, June 24, 2024


Synesthesia is when someone experiences one sense through another or at the same time. An individual with synesthesia could taste something specific when hearing a certain word their brain associates it with. For example, someone could hear the word house and taste chocolate. Though this type is less common, a more common experience would be seeing a specific color when look at a number. For those of us who are non-synesthesia, we still experience our senses working together when we smell food, and taste its flavor. So what causes synesthesia in certain individuals? Research shows that this may have genetic links, neurological factors, and even brain damage. Many famous individuals have claimed or have been suspected to have synesthesia like Billy Joel, Duke Ellington, and John Mayer which makes sense based on their careers.

 Do you have grapheme-color synesthesia? – the Southerner Online

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