Saturday, June 22, 2024


Research shows the women are able to essentially sense compatibility. Each individuals have their unique scent called pheromones, which indicate whether someone is MHC-similar or dissimilar. Women's whose partners MHC were more similar, experienced less sexual responsiveness, and increased attractiveness to other men. On the other hand, women whose partners MHC were dissimilar, felt more compatible and research shows that the greater difference in MHC implies they will have healthier offspring. Men however, are not influenced by MHC similarity, mainly due to the impact of a women's fertile phase. 

Though women are skillful in sensing compatibility, they are not always accurate. The book explains how if a women is taking oral contraceptives, she may be attracted to mates with greater MHC similarity. Almost as if their scent is blinded by the contraceptive, which could explain conflicting relationships. When a woman is in the most fertile phase in her cycle however, she will be more attracted to men with MHC similarity.

Do Love Pheromones Really Exist? | Britannica


  1. Though I was skeptical about this at first, I thought about how much "smells and scents" are a part of are daily lives. I also remember reading about women who were unattracted to their partners after starting or stopping hormonal birth control so this does make a lot of sense.

  2. This can also be seen in sexual encounters! Many times, people are "turned off" by smells and visuals, but on a primal level, two scents may not be compatible. Many times this creates a tendency for one partner to pick a reason to leave the other, but this really only applies to casual dating culture. For example, a woman may see a man across the bar who she deems attractive, but upon smelling his pheromones, she may become disinterested.

  3. The concept of pheromones is so interesting. It makes me think about how everyone is attracted to the smell of their spouse, and how it plays a big role in their attractiveness to one another. I know that pheromones can also be sold in perfumes and colognes to make one's smells or senses more desirable. Great job!