Sunday, June 23, 2024

Lip reading in Baseball

 The ability to read lips, and infer what one is saying simply by observing the movement of the lips is a unique skill that few possess. Often times, especially in the realm of televised professional sports, the camera always pans to the players either interacting with each other, or arguing with the referees. But unless these players are equipped with a microphone, it is nearly impossible to tell what words are being said. 

Yet some people, such as Jimmy O'Brien, is capable of reading lips and infers what players are saying on his YouTube channel, Jomboy Media. Jimmy often makes videos breaking down baseball plays, where he creates lip readings based off of the camera footage during the game. 

Here are some of his best lip-reading breakdowns:

(Note: there is a lot of foul language in professional baseball)

Many studies have shown that lip-reading involves complex brain processes. Specifically, the auditory cortices of the brain are activated when reading lips, even in the absence of sound. This suggests that the brain can synthesize auditory features based solely on visual input from lip movements. 

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  1. Hey Kyle! I love that you choose to write about lip reading beacuse I think it's amazing that some people can do it so well. Lip reading especially in sports is important because it can give the other team an advantage if they can read the other teams lips and try to see what the next play might be or what the team is going to do next.