Sunday, June 23, 2024


Imagine perceiving every moving object as a series of still images, almost as if you were reviewing frames from a film or a slideshow. This startling condition, known as Akinetopsia, renders the observer unable to perceive real-time motion, and is luckily quite rare. It occurs from a lesion to the visual cortex, specifically the V5 region, which is responsible for interpreting smooth motion.

This condition affects every aspect of daily life, as you could imagine. Because it is so rare, there is little research on it. Much like prosopagnosia, it is a form of visual agnosia, albeit far more of an impediment to one's life. There is no known cure for it, but depending on the severity, one might eventually recover.

Interesting short video on this condition

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  1. This makes me question who first discovered they had this diagnosis. In many films and videos, this illusion is created artificially, but there must have been a cause for this to become a popular film technique. Very interesting.