Monday, June 19, 2023

The Rubber Hand Illusion

     Our brains work in miraculous ways using our senses to determine many factors in our lives. The rubber hand illusion is a significant example that shows one's perception of touch. During this concept an individual is set a table with both palms face down in front of them, a wooden divider is then placed to the right of the left hand, the hand is then replaced with a rubber one, a cloth is placed over both the right arm and rubber arm. The setup of this illusion helps the individual focus specifically on the two hands in front of them. The experimenter would then take a brush a stroke the rubber hand and the hidden left hand synchronously. The movement of the brush has to be done at the exact same time for this to work otherwise the brain can see the difference through visual perception.

    After the period of time of stoking the hands the individual's brain will see and feel as if the rubber hand is actually their left hand. To prove this point a sadistic act will take place such as a hammer making the fake hand or a violent bend to one of the fingers. This would cause a reaction out of the individual as their brain proceeded to the rubber one as their own. While this illusion does not create actual pain to the individual it causes an initial reaction when the fake hand is messed with. Our sense of touch in this case is effected through synchronized brush strokes showing that our visual perception is connected to what we feel.

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