Monday, June 12, 2023


 Synesthesia is a very uncommon and complex neurological condition that affects people. It is the process of taking in information through one of your senses but it ends up triggering a different sense. For example, someone may hear the name Carl and think of the color yellow. It may have meaning but it can also just be for no reason. The most common version of synesthesia is grapheme color synesthesia. This just means that they get information through their senses and it triggers a color in their mind. One way I can relate this to myself is whenever I need a folder for math class I prefer it to be red because I associate that color with that class, but I do not have this condition. 

While learning about this topic during this class it blew my mind that this is real. I had never heard of synesthesia and it does make sense to me that this happens, but it really is mind blowing. The biggest issue I could see someone with synesthesia going through would be that they worry that they are misunderstood and that their true self may come off as weird compared to other people. When in reality it is pretty cool that people think differently in this way. I could not find information on whether or not it is genetic but there is no cure. This is not that big of a deal considering it doesn’t affect their daily life too much. 

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  1. Hi Sebi! I can relate to the folder matching. My math folder was always blue and my english folder was always red!