Thursday, June 22, 2023

Proxy Touch

    When you crack an egg, how hard do you hit it against the bowl or counter? How do you know to use this exact amount of pressure each time? That would be due to proxy touch. Proxy touch is when you use another object to touch something. After the object touches another object, the action gets sent through the first object to your skin, which perceives specific properties to distinguish it from other properties.

    I really found the concept of proxy touch interesting.  I never realized that we use proxy touch every day without even knowing it. When you are cutting into a steak you are using proxy touch. You can determine how soft or tough the steak is when you start cutting it. You know just how much pressure to put into the hand with the knife so that you are not cutting too soft or too hard. This would tell you how well-done the steak is. 

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