Wednesday, June 21, 2023


            Anosmia is when you lose your sense of smell. It can be temporary or long-lasting, affecting how a person can perceive odors. Many people with anosmia are uncured or it can be a challenge to treat. However, some treatments are available. After getting temporary anosmia due to Covid-19, I learned how much losing sense of smell can disrupt daily life. I lost interest in eating my favorite foods, because I couldn't taste them. Additionally, everything I ate tasted bland and had no flavor. This caused me to lose a few pounds, however, my smell did return after a few weeks.

Karl Wuensch described his experience with anosmia as having a new and unique appreciation for odors. After losing and regaining his smell many times, he found bliss in smelling distinct odors. He further explained that since his diagnosis, he has missed the smell of people more than anything else. His intimate and friendly interactions were interrupted by his lack of smell, and he even described it as, “not the same being with people when you can’t smell them” (Rosenblum, 2010, p. 154). Wuensch also felt that medical professionals and community members lacked an understanding of the aftereffects of anosmia. 

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  1. Hi Alyssa, I really felt for Karl Wuensch after experiencing anosmia myself via Covid-19. I remember feeling hopeless when I could no longer smell my own soap in the shower or taste any kind of food. It made my stomach hurt. Finally after about a month my scent returned. I completely feel for your experience, it was horrible. Great post !