Monday, June 13, 2022

You Taste What You Touch

Touch is something that is very important to our everyday lives. We use this sense everyday for almost every task that we do. Eating? You use your hands to put the sandwich in your mouth. Brushing your teeth? You pick your toothbrush up. Riding a bike? You hold the handlebars. With everything we do, we use our sense of touch every day. Touch is so important to our human bodies. 

After doing some more research I came across the Greek root-  anesthesia, which means “no sensation,” synesthesia means “joined sensation,” wherein two or more senses are coupled in such a way that a voice, for example, is not only heard but also felt, seen, or tasted. We call individuals with this coupling synesthetes.


These types of synesthesia consist of experiencing taste or smell sensations triggered by the sense of touch. They can be a response to one of two types of stimulus: either touching certain textures, or being touched.

The power of touch: is this the sense we've missed most? | Health &  wellbeing | The Guardian

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