Monday, June 6, 2022


 Tadoma is a method of communication that is used by the deafblind people. They feel the jawline and the lips of a person they are communicating with to feel the vibration of what they are saying. This has been found to be an effective way to communicate with others for people that are deafblind. From my personal experience, I have known that there were people that were blind or deaf and there were ways to communicate to them in some way. I had no idea that this was a thing where a person would put one hand on a jawline and another on their lips to feel what a person is saying. This is truly a fascinating way of communication and the fact that it is proven to be effective is amazing to see. 


  1. Tadoma is and interesting communication method used by deaf and blind individuals to learn what others are saying by placing both their hands on a person face filling the vibration of sound to understand what the individual is saying. Just learning of ways the body would learn and master different technique to communicate when the it has a disability or lacks an ability. Its actually true and I understand the theory when the body lack a sense or ability another sense gain strength or higher ability's in another sense. For example a person that is hard of hearing or hearing impaired, would be able to see at a further distance then an ordinary person who could hear and see. Now vice versa a person who can not see very well such as myself, I understand why my hearing sense magnified or have great hearing ability. I could hear a person approaching the house before they actually ring door bell or knock on the door. This course is very exciting to learn about and activate our sense's of our five sense's abilities.

  2. This post is interesting because before reading about Tadoma I didn't even know it existed. This post helped further my understanding of it even more. I think it's a very clever way of communication for indivudals who may be deaf, blind, or both.

  3. I never knew Tadoma existed either! I have a deaf cousin and I have never been able to communicate with him other than typing and/or gestures. Most of my family had learned sign language to talk with him! I wonder if he has ever heard of tadoma.