Thursday, June 23, 2022

Hormones and symmetry

 In the book See what Im saying, the author discussed the effect symmetry has on women when they are in their fertile periods. The author stated that women prefer a more symmetrical man when they are in their fertile periods. A woman can actually smell the symmetry of a man during her fertile phase. Women are able to do this because they can smell the physiological processes that are occurring in a mans body, ones that are related to his symmetry.  Better symmetry relates to better health in humans, so a woman preferring the smell of a symmetrical man during her fertile phase is related to his reproductive potential. Studies have shown that a more symmetrical man smells better to a fertile women. They also rate a more dominant mans smell as better than a non dominant male.

It is crazy to think just how animalistic humans still are when it comes to our bodily processes. We may have advanced animalistic when it comes to technology, but we are still at our core making most of our decisions based on our bodily processes. 


Rosenblum, L. D. (2011). See what I'm saying: The extraordinary powers of our five senses. Norton.

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  1. Isn't that crazy? I have no idea that our sense of smell would could be so strong as to how we see someone or a potential mate during fertility. I thought the different scent based on how dominate a man is was also really interesting!