Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Auditory Approach System (Post#1)

 The auditory approach system is defined by modifications in sound, and these variations are distinguished by an increase in the projected sound loudness. It's likely that a good many of us are utilizing an auditory approach method without even realizing it. The Auditory Approach System is essentially a warning and protection system against imminent danger from other sources, such as a speeding car that might hit a person and cause them bodily harm or even death. It does this by transmitting a sound that alerts the person that a potential threat is approaching. It's possible that this may help visually impaired persons determine when it's safe for them to cross the street with the assistance of others. Individuals  who have been blind for an extended period of time often have the ability to accurately anticipate the arrival of visual items.


  1. I have seen videos of people walking down the street and jumping out of the way right before a car almost hits them. I never understood how this was possible. Could it be their auditory approach system overly anticipating potential danger that leads them to react just in time?

  2. I imagine this is crucial for blind individuals to get around safely.