Monday, June 13, 2022

Auditory Approach System

 The auditory system is something I found quite interesting. It processes how we hear and understand sounds within the environment. By hearing future sound it warns us about what to expect next, for example, blind baseball players ! “The pitch is timed and placed with the intent of the batter connecting with the ball (players’ batting averages typically run from .500 to .750). This is the reason for the pitcher’s “Ready, set, ball” warning, as well as why he pitches from just 20 feet in front of the batter. Each batter gets four strikes rather than three, but each team gets three outs, the one exception being if a fielder actually catches a ball on the fly.” With the audible warning, the batter is able to hit the ball without visually seeing it.

Rosenblum, L. D. (2011). See what I’m saying: The extraordinary powers of our five senses. Norton Paperback. 


  1. I never thought about using this with sports. You are so right with what you were saying. I now know why pitchers say that! That is so cool to learn about blind pitchers also. You never know about this kind of stuff!

  2. I found this topic very interesting as well. It amazing how the blind can tap into their other senses in ways I could never imagine! Thank you for your input!