Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Anosmia (Final Post #3)

 The term "anosmia" refers to the loss of one's sense of smell. There are several drugs, disorders, hormonal changes, and substances that might permanently impair one's sense of smell. People become less sensitive to scents as they age, and women have a more poor sense of smell than males. To some extent, there is evidence that scent sensitivity is inherited.Even a slight loss of scent may cause you to lose interest in eating, which can lead to weight loss, poor nutrition, or, in severe cases, depression.

Sometimes a person's sense of smell returns on its own. Unfortunately, anosmia is not always curable, especially if it is caused by old age. There are, however, things you may do to make life with the inability to smell more comfortable and secure. Install smoke and fire alarms in your house and business, for example, and take additional precautions with leftovers. If you have any doubts regarding the safety of a food, don't consume it. This is demonstrated in See what I mean: the extraordinary powers of our five senses By Laurence Rosenblum. When Karl Wuensch was diagnosed with anosmic.

This is a great video down below, where it explains further on Anosmia:

Anosmia, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.


  1. Anosmia was a fascinating topic that we covered in this course. I could not even imagine losing my sense of smell and the impact it would have on my daily life. The suggestions of having a working fire alarm and taking precautions with food are very helpful in helping someone with anosmia navigate through life!

  2. I thought that anosmia was a really interesting and am grateful that we learned about this. I had no idea that people can lose their sense of smell. It would heavily impact a person's life and is important if a person does need their sense of smell in every day life such as a chef where they need to know if food as gone bad so they do not serve it and is thrown away.

  3. I recently had Covid and experienced about 5 days worth of anosmia! It was my worst nightmare, as I come from a family of foodies. I know a few people who are months out of their recovery and they have yet to get their senses of taste and smell back. I thought it was interesting that this chapter gave people with anosmia some hope by mentioning the treatment options available.

  4. Great post! Anosmia is definitely an interesting medical condition and I am actually fascinated to have finally discovered and figured out the medical terminology for loss of smell. It shocks me that there are people who are unfortunate and completely loss their smell. And we can see this now with Covid-19 as one of the symptoms

  5. Great post! Anosmia was a topic that I enjoyed learning about in this course. I had read about it before when learning that people were experiencing anosmia when they got Covid-19. It's interesting to learn that people can also get anosmia from not just sinus infections, but even from nasal tumors and polyps.