Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Post #3: Sense of Smell

 In chapter 3, the book discusses how your sense of smell can play a role in retrieving memories. Research done by Rachel Herz at Brown University has shown that scents help to render memories as more emotional. It has also shown that familiar smells illicit more brain activity in emotional brain centers than nonfamiliar smells. I found this to be interesting because I am able to associate different scents with certain memories. It is sometimes hard to remember specific details about memories, but scents have a way of bringing back the emotions associated with them. This video explains how smells can trigger memories. 

How Smells Trigger Memories - YouTube

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, great post! this was actually one of my favorite chapters. It was so interesting to learn about sense of smell and how it can play a role in retrieving memories. I often smell a scent and it reminds me of special night with my friends or someone special. The video was interesting to watch and get an understanding of trigger memories.