Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Post #3 Proxy Touch - Angelina Marte


                                                Proxy Touch

    Proxy touch is in the same field as echolocation. They can be intentionally used for the same things such as finding doorways, curbs and other inanimate objects. Proxy touch is where one uses a single object to touch something else. For example, one using a knife to butter a piece of toast. You're not using your hand to hold the butter, you are holding an object that allows you to touch another substance. Another example is brushing you hair, one touches the hair brush or comb that brushes out the hair. You're not using your hands to brush your hair, you are using an object to perceive another object. 

    For an individual who is blind, they can sometimes use a can or guide dog to help them perceive the world around them. You can use proxy touch for judging things like distance, recognizing your body dimension, and ground identification. The opportunities are near endless when it comes to proxy touch because of the endless amount of uses for it. Below is a link leading to an article from The Washington Post on touch. Also below is a video explain an app I use called "Be My Eyes," it's an app where if a person hard of sight is in need, they call it's like a facetime call where you help them with little things such as picking out your outfit, or reading some mail.

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