Thursday, June 24, 2021

Post 2- Phantom Pain

 My grandfather was a bad diabetic while I was growing up. It started with one infection in his toe and turned into his one leg being amputated from the knee down causing him to be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. However, one interesting factor of his bad infection was the complete honesty he had with his family on how he felt after the amputation of his lower leg. He spoke about pain, pain from ingrown toenails or stubbed toes on the leg that had no foot. This video explains the entire pathway from our brain to limb and how this phantom pain can cause more than just physical pain but mental or emotional pain too. 

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  1. Raquel thank you for sharing your grandfathers experience, I thought that was very interesting and had to look more into it. I think the most interesting new form of management is the virtual reality therapy. It just fascinating how the body does not have the limb but the person is still experiencing the pain.