Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Post #1: Sommelier

A sommelier is a wine expert who is hired by a variety of establishments to test different wines to be served to their customers. In the book, The Extraordinary Powers of our Five Senses See What I'm Saying, author Laurence Rosenblum describes how difficult it is to become a master sommelier. Master sommeliers go through an exam that is sectioned off into three phases including: tasting, wine theory, and serving decorum. Due to the rigor of their exam there are only 167 masters in the world. I found it to be very interesting that brain scans have shown that as a sommelier sips, their brain shows enhanced activity in regions where someone would taste and smell as compared to a novice.

This video provides an overview of a sommelier course in New York City.

Intensive Sommelier Training Exclusively Available at ICE - YouTube


  1. It’s amazes me the expertise that Master Sommelier have about wine tasting. The 97 percent failure rate explains why there are only 167 Master Sommeliers. Also, they are so well trained and knowledgeable about wine, that they can tell what region of the world the wine comes from, simply by studying and using explicit knowledge. Excellent topic!!

  2. I have seen a lot of different things on wine tasting. I think my favorite thing to watch is this For the most part it seems that there is some conflicting info on if people can actually tell the difference in wines or not. Some places say yes and others are just a hard no.
    Justin C

  3. Hey Jacqueline !
    I also thought that being a sommelier was so interesting I've watched the movie on Netflix but before that I've never heard about them or even knew that they existed. Being that there are only 167 of them, I can only imagine what they have to do and how smart alot of them must be. The training is very difficult especially the blind test. Great Post !

  4. Hi Jacqueline! I found the section about sommeliers interesting as well. I can't believe that there are only 167 of them. My dad is friends with one of them, and I was shocked to find out how rare it is. I'd be interested in asking him some questions about the training.