Monday, June 14, 2021

John Bramblitt


This painting above was done by famed painter John Bramblitt. It's beautiful isn't it? Would you believe me if I told you that the artist was blind? He lost his sight at age 25 and took up painting. He has a really cool way that he is able to paint! He uses touch! He uses puffy paint to make the detailed outlines and lines of his beautiful paintings. He uses his right hand to hold the paint bottle and draw the lines. he left hand fingertips helps him for placement. He then uses oil paint because he's able to determine color by the viscosity of the paint. Though he lost his sight, he has enhanced touch sensitivity. He makes a great quote while being interviewed about his art. He says, "But when I lost my sight… my brain still made the images. It’s almost like when you’re dreaming, you see the world, and it seems very real to you. It’s because those images are coming from the same part of your brain as when you’re seeing with your eyes." The cross-modal plasticity of his brain allows him to be able to paint and get these images out of his mind. 

I've included the link to the interview. it's extremely interesting!

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  1. The interview was awesome! Very thought provoking. I really liked the painting and its amazing that the artist is blind! I could NEVER. Truly inspirational! Awesome post.