Sunday, June 6, 2021



Echolocation is the location of objects by reflected sound. This technique is used in animals like bats and dolphins. It was interesting to read how Kish and Bushway use echolocation to lead through mountain bike excursions. I Personally never heard of echolocation until reading the book. I found it interesting that echolocation is sound waves and echoes to determine where objects are in spaces. An example of echolocation is snapping fingers or making clicking noises through mouths. 

An example of echolocation in the book is “ Daniel Kish, and Brain Bushway are particularly adept echolocators, Besides mountain biking, they've used echolocation to hike, roller skate, skateboard, and play basketball, Along with his cane, echolocation is Kish principal way of navigating the world” (Pg 5). This example from the book, explains the understanding of how echolocation can be helpful for a technique to humans too. After reading about Echolocation, I believe this technique is important especially for blind individuals to learn their environment.  In other words, senses like sight are missing, Brain regions can adapt to process new input including, sound or touch. Also, I have attached a resource about how individuals can learn Echolocation in my references section.

Echolocation Images:

Human Echolocation: How The Blind Can "See"Human echolocation - Wikipedia


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  1. Hi Renee!
    I also found this chapter and topic of discussion extremely interesting! It's amazing to learn about what our bodies are capable of, especially when it comes to compensating for things that may be damaged or not working all together. I had learned about echolocation before reading the book but only in regards to animals - I never even thought about how we could do it too! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hi Renee! I found this part of the chapter very interesting. I know that bats and dolphins use this kind of location but I never heard of humans doing this. I wonder if their auditory nerve is stronger than a sighted person.

  3. I learned about echolocation in high school but never dove deeper into learning about it more! Very interesting to learn about!

  4. Hey Renee! The topic you chose is really interesting. I have not heard much about echolocation until reading this book either.I find it truly amazing that there is an ability to locate things with sound waves and echos. The brain is amazing and this just further proves that.