Saturday, June 12, 2021

Blog Post Three: Anosmia

 Anosmia is a condition in which an individual loses their sense of smell. In the case of Karl Wuensch, he lost his sense of smell due to large polyps on his sinuses along with swollen turbinates. He realized that he lost his sense of smell after eating a casserole that had gone bad and was unable to smell leaking propane. After being diagnosed, Wuensch took extra precautions when cooking and installed alarms that would help him detect things like fire and propane leaks. With treatment his smell did return but anosmia changed Wuensch’s life forever. One thing he found very important was the smell of people. He stated that his interactions with other people were not the same when he could not smell them. Although anosmia seems like a minor condition, it affects people's everyday lives in a big way.

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