Sunday, August 9, 2020

Emotional Eating

People who emotionally eat do this because they are overwhelmed or stressed out normally. They can feel this way due to work, family drama or even relationship issues they all can tie together to cause emotional eating. This is typically found in women more often than it is in men. Those who emotionally eat do this because they feel they need to fill a void and they tend to use food to fill it. They rather feel full of full than feel nothing at all. It's just a way people cope sometimes and it can be very unhealthy. In this article they go over ways to help stop emotional eating. Doing things such as instead of eating to fill up try filling up on drinking water. This is a healthy replacement and sometimes water will give you a more filling feeling than eating even would. Another thing is do something to keep you moving and busy such as a new hobby or working out. Going for a walk or nike ride is an easy fix to keep you moving and not reaching for the food. Moving will also help with your moods and make you feel better. Emotional eating is a comfort thing and can be hard to stop so it is important to find a new way of comfort when stressed.

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