Monday, August 10, 2020

Book Report


The book I choose to do my book report on was Grit by Angela Duckworth. She uses her book to help shine light on how to succeed. This book is filled with information that will help you find the true qualities need to lead to achievement. Along with achieving goals the book talks about having an amazing and winning personal, powerful and insightful outlook. It also shows educators, students, parents and businesspeople the secrets to out of this world achievements. They show that this doesn’t just happen from talent but from trying your hardest and being persistence and never giving up. Grit also really went into the details of what goes through your head when life gets hard and you get knocked down. It explains that this doesn’t happen just because of luck or not being talented. In Grit it is shown that grit means passion and persistence when trying to achieve a long-term goal. When you have grit you are motivated and are on the track to achieve what you have in mind and nothing will stop you. In this book you get to learn and read all about that. I truly enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone who just needs that little push to stay on the right path to achieve a big goal.

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I all around love this book picking a favorite part is really hard for me but I really enjoy learning the five characteristics of Grit. In this book she states the five characteristics of Grit which are courage, conscientiousness: achievement Oriented Vs. Dependable, long-term goals and endurance follow through, resilience: optimism, confidence and creativity, and lastly excellence Vs. perfection. They all make complete since in pushing yourself to achieve what you are dreaming of achieving. The way she goes into such detail in this book and really explains how these all matter to help a person achieve what they want to achieve really just amazed me and inspired me. Each one is so extremely important, and I think everyone needs to read this book to fully understand that.


         This book relates to a lot that was learn in this class and I also could relate it a lot with my own personal life. In this course we learned all about people being impulsive and motivation along with so much more. Yet those three really stick with grit. Someone who has grit is the opposite of impulsive. They think out what they are doing, and they work hard to make sure it happens. There is nothing about someone with grit that is impulsive. Next some with grit is extremely motivated. This whole class motivation was huge and when a person has grit their motivation is through the roof. They have more motivation to achieve their long-term goal then anyone around them. It is so important to be motivated when trying to achieve a goal. This book made me want to do better and really give my goals my all. I am officially graduating college this summer and school has never come easy to me. I have been working very hard for years to achieve this accomplishment, so this book just really hit me. I believe personally to read or see others and hear about their grit and passion makes me more passionate about my goals. There is just something magically in seeing other achieve something they dream of that just makes me feel so good. This book was a pleasure to read and I recommend it to everyone.

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