Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Post #3: Becoming a Sommelier

When reading the chapter about becoming a sommelier, it was interesting to learn how much work and time goes into their training. To be able to taste a wine and know exactly which it is and where it was made is extremely difficult considering there are so many different types of wine from all over. Before even reading the book I had watched a video on the process and training to become a master sommelier which followed Vincent on the road to his exam. As the book explained, many take the test multiple times before passing and this was the case with Vincent. Working so hard and not passing is extremely difficult. Below is the video documenting Vincent's journey to the master sommelier test. During the time Vincent was taking the test, it was actually revealed that one of the members on the panel had leaked information that would be on the test. Due to the leak, Vincent and everyone in his testing class was required to take the test again.


  1. Laurel,
    I agree with you. It is very interesting when learning about a sommelier. How much training goes into this career is truly amazing. Including how you have to have an invite to be able to take the test. There’s not that many people I can say they know someone who does this as a career. So cool!

  2. This is very incredible to see. It is proof of how strong our senses are. I have seen a lot of videos on how well people are able to recognize certain flavors by just a smell and a simple taste and it really is an incredible talent.